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Do Soundproof Blanket Works: Which one is better?

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Are you struggling to get to sleep as you live next to a train line or perhaps in an apartment with rowdy people? We know how it feels as you turn and toss around to get in some ZZZs. Maybe you thought of starting a YouTube Channel. To be able to do this, your place needs to be noiseless for the best results.

If the answer is yes to all, a soundproof blanket might do the trick to give you peace and quiet. But will it help, and do they actually work? Yet, if they do work, which type should you invest your money in?

To help answer all these burning questions, stay a while longer and read our reviews on the best soundproofing blankets you can invest your money on here.

What Is a Moving Blanket for Soundproofing?

The sheet is exactly what the name says! It’s a large piece of cloth designed to deaden the racket coming from inside or outside. You can lay them down on the floor, adhere them to ceilings, doors, or drywall to obstruct unwanted resonance. Yes, we already know what you’re thinking. Can the acoustics sound blanket dampen sound?

When made with the correct materials and used correctly, it actually works. While it may not prevent all ambient resound from entering or leaving your room, it dramatically depresses the racket. You will not feel distracted by harsh commotions from outside disturbing you when making a YouTube video or trying to sleep.

However, the product is only as good as where you plan to use it, So to help you find an excellent one, we recommend looking at our top 3 soundproofing blankets reviewed below.

Some Examples for Using Audio Blankets

If you plan to start a home phonic studio at home for example, by placing the covering around the surface, you can generate a perfect phonic and video location. You will be amazed at what a difference it makes, providing you with crisp and clean sound without ambiance clatter interfering.

These soundproof blankets help lessen dissonance and improve your overall studying environment for creating the best study space.

To create an ideal noiseless home, using a moving blanket on doorways, curtains, or walls can help with the best isolating environment to make it a haven to enjoy.

If you have noisy machines such as a dishwasher or air conditioner—the best solution is wrapping it with specially created sheeting such as an insulation blanket.

If your warehouse has excess uproar making it impossible to communicate, when you place moving blankets for soundproofing around the warehouse, it reduces the commotion inside and outside.

These are only a couple of uses to help make your office, job site, or home a place of peace without disturbing you or others.

Things to Consider When Buying a Soundproof Door Blanket

When investing in a blanket to lessen sound, each merchandise has its own noise-deadening features as follow:

The design is crucial, and all comes down to where you plan to place it. If you plan to construct a workspace with little noise, you need one with an acoustic function to block out the lowest tones. For the home, you can consider a non-quilted or quilted one to absorb the sound and temperature. With a non-coverlet, you can get noise-canceling and costs cheaper.

Another consideration is the thickness of the material, as the thicker it is, the more it absorbs the noise.

Check to see if it comes with loops to hand on a curtain rod or partitions.

If you want to layer the blankets, a moving blanket can help lay them up to prevent more sound from entering.

Best Soundproof Blanket


 Do you want to do professional-grade audio? Then it would help if you had a blanket that can stand up to the task. Such a soundproofing sheet is this one from Audimute. You can find it available in different colors to suit your lifestyle needs, and it does not come cheap. However, it helps with dampening mid-range to high sounds up to 65%.

So it’s an excellent choice to keep harsh commotion outside when you hang it in front of the windows. As an aspiring musician, the heavy construction of the fabric provides the best cleanest feedback in your recordings. Furthermore, it is one of the best eco-friendly moving blankets available with grommets.


  • Colors: Five pretty shades available
  • Equipped With: Metal eyelets with hanging hardware
  • Fabricated: USA
  • Helps With: Improving audio quality and reducing reverberation and echoes.
  • Measures: 95″ x 54″
  • NRC Rating: 0.85


  • It keeps out a reasonable lot of commotion
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Provides sound-canceling
  • Value for money


It does not keep out bird chirps effectively

Final Thoughts

For a moving blanket for soundproofing, this one is highly recommended. It might not obstruct out loads of noise but is a worthwhile option for audio technicians to use on a wall.


#2 US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

 The soundproof door blanket has a thicker and heavier structure to cancel out more noise. These coverings weigh up to twelve LBS with multiple layers of padding. This makes it more absorbing to sound waves coming from the outside when you use it as a barrier.

For this reason, it’s ideal to use as a soundproof blanket for doors and other applications in the house. On the inside, it’s padded with a recycled cotton filler providing a great filter against rowdiness from outside. It comes with zigzag stitching keeping it lasting longer against rips.


  • Colors: Black
  • Equipped With: Metal eyelets and machine washable
  • Helps With: Sound Blocking
  • Material: Polyester/ Cotton Blend
  • Measures: 96″ x 80″


  • Supreme quality
  • Effective to use as a room divider
  • Easy to use on apparatuses


It has a smell when opening the box

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a backdrop for your basement office or one in a recording studio, this is one of the best phonic blankets available to buy.

#3 Sure Max Moving & Packing Blankets

 Are you looking for a great deal in insulation blankets? Then this Sure Max is the one you need and sold in packs of six. So you get more blankets for your money to close up your living place. The blanket has a double-sided structure to prevent noise pollution in your home.

Furthermore, you get a chick color selection with black and blue trim looking coll and sleek. However, the quality is a bit lacking, and you will need to wash it on arrival to remove the musky smell. Yet, it has a huge size and works well over furniture to keep out moisture, dirt, and scratches.


  • Colors: Black with Blue Trim
  • Equipped With: Has no eyelet and needs handwashing.
  • Helps With: Many Uses
  • Material: Virgin Cotton with Polyester Binding
  • Measures: 80″ x 72″
  • Weight: 7 pounds


  • Affordable price
  • It provides you with versatile uses.
  • Durable structure


It has a smell, and you can only spot clean it.

Final Thoughts

The Sure Max is one of the best acoustic blankets for a voice-over studio. one thing sure with egg crate acoustic foam panels will help you decrease the amount of reverb. They are heavy-duty compared to other moving blankets for soundproofing.


Final Thoughts

We are confident you will find the best soundproof blanket for your specific needs with the different soundproof and acoustic blankets. So which one is the best? It all depends on your needs and how you plan to use them. We hope that the information provided with the review helps cover all the bases concerning your question.

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