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How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Quiet‌ ‌a‌ ‌Generator‌ ‌for‌ ‌Home‌ ‌and‌ ‌Camping‌

How to make a generator quiet?

Over the years, electricity consumption has become high in demand leading to electricity outages or no power. You have bought a generator to use in your house, business, or even at a campsite. You must agree one cannot live without your phones, computers, and luxuries.

The machine has become part of our daily lives. However, even if you have the best generator on the market standing outdoors, they all have one common problem: they make a loud racket. For this reason, we started browsing online to see if we can find helpful tips on making your generator as quiet as the cricket and came up with the following list.

We hope the pointers discussed can help lessen the noise to prevent disturbing customers or the neighbors.

How To Quiet a Generator By Customizing It for a Quiet Run

When it comes to reducing the noise level on a generator, you can find several details to help with sound insulation; however not included with your new purchase. So what is there to do, and how to make your generator quiet as a cricket?

#1 You Can Place It on a Mat

This must be one of the simplest things to start with, according to BEUP, as it can lessen the noise making it quieter. The best is to use a soundproof foam or rubber mat. Placing the machine on the mat help with absorbing the vibration to diminish that buzzing sound that becomes annoying over time. Have you ever listened to that noise for a while? It drives you nuts. Best of all you can take the mat anywhere to use in the garden and for camping. So check out the vibration pad available online .

#2 Buy a Generator Muffler

Another handy tip on how to quiet a generator is using a muffler as it works similar to your car silencer. What the device does is minimize the noise from the engine and combustion chamber. However, according to Portable Power Zone, you need to check the amount of noise it diffuses before buying one. According to them, the muffler is categorized into three levels on the noise produced. So the best is to check out these silencers and choose one compatible with your unit.

#3 Try to Adjust the Positioning of the Piping

Here it depends on the type of generator you have. If the machine has a horizontal exhaust pipe, it is the noisiest as the echo heads towards something. As you should know, your unit came with an instruction to place the exhaust. You usually place the exhaust away from the building, but people next door might not appreciate this at all. Therefore, Best Generator Org advises putting the exhaust facing in an upwards position. Doing this leaves it in a vertical position without facing directly at anything.

#4 Build a Baffle Box

Now, if you are the DIY type and have a low budget, you can make a homemade baffle enclosure according to BEUPP. This is one of the quietest methods you can use. You can enclose the machine with it and fill it up with materials to make it soundproof. With the soundproofing fabric, it reverberates to improve the noise level when standing on a stable surface.

According to BEUPP, the best soundproof material is vinyl. You first need to measure your generator to ensure the enclosure provides enough space for adding the fabric. However, they do recommend leaving ventilation holes for the fan. You can use a crate or plywood with glue to attach the vinyl. For an excellent example, check out this video :

#5 Using a Water Bucket Trick

To answer your question on how to quiet a generator, we found this trick available on different professional generator sites. You use a hose with a bucket. According to Portable Power Zone, you connect one end of the pipe to the unit’s exhaust end. Now take the other end and place it into the bucket with about five gallons of fluid. At the highest point of the pipes, make a small hole to prevent the liquid from being sucked back into the generator. This method dampens the resound when switching your generator on and is not noisy.

#6 Invest in a Soundproof Box for Your Generator

Okay, we are not sure if you are like us and not very do yourself inclined. But we are not and found this next tip the best solution to make your generator silent. Like the muffle receptible, you can buy a soundproof box such as voice booth isolation at Amazon for your generator as a permanent fixture as it is heavy. Compared to your homemade crate, it is pricier but effective to block out the annoying noise and allows you to enjoy a conversation with others.

#7 Make Use Sound Deflectors

Best Generator Org and Portable Power Zone with many other generator information sites mention this tip. The device works similarly to a silencer. However, it only diverts the resonate from the area it stands to another location. It does not help much to reduce the overall decibels. Therefore, it will work well if you do not want too much noise in your work area. An excellent example is looking at this video similar to using a Soundproof Receptible:

#8 Remove the Generator and Place It Away From Your Space

Okay, we must agree this technique will work if you live on a farm with enough space to place the generator as far as possible from your home. And one of the simplest ways on how to quiet a generator. However, you may find it difficult living in an urban area. It will still disturb other people or even frighten away the wildlife living close to your farm.

#9 Choose Durable Feet and Legs

Have you ever watched your generator at work? If you have, the first thing you notice is the vibrations generating that annoying noise. The machine makes an extremely loud sound because you have not mounted it secure on the four legs.

It moves around, and the more it progresses, it worsens. BEUPP recommends using support beams and rubber feet equipped on the generator to stop it from moving around to prevent this from happening. Once the generators are secured, you notice a big difference in the noise level.

#10 Invest In a Portable Inverter Generator

If all else fails to answer your question on How to make a generator quiet? you can consider investing in an inverter generator. These new types of generators are quieter and produce very little to no sound and weigh next to nothing. However, these quiet models do not provide a high output as your larger machines.

It has different ports capable to work with small to medium electronics and other appliances. They are great to use as a backup in your home, tailgating, or camping. The only problem is that they are a bit expensive, but we found it worth the investment and a favorite for many users.

When it comes to portability it allows you to take it anywhere and the loadweight is reasonable. The interface is simple and worth considering if your generator noise is driving you crazy. Check out the WEN Super Quiet 56203i model here as the price is affordable.

Final Thoughts

We hope the tips answer all your questions on how to quiet a generator. Furthermorewe hope it works to get your machine running as silent as a mouse or at least as close to one. You can find different methods available to lessen the noise on your generator to keep you and next-door people happy.

Whether you have a tight budget, DIY skills, or money to spend on a new generator, you can find a tip available right here with us that should work. Give them a try to find out which one works best for your generator needs.

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